Enviro-Klean Services Include:

• Set-up Procedures
• Operations Training
• Maintenance Training
• Remote Monitoring
• Technical Support 

Set-up Procedures

Mobilization and demobilization along with site preparation costs will vary according to the region of remediation. The mobile design of the KM-4 and feed system, each on its own trailer, contributes to lower setup time and costs. Typical site set-up time is usually one day, allowing for fast and efficient start-up responses.

A Brief Description of the Site Set-up Involves:

Position the control house and feed system. Bolt the feed hopper to the preheater, the stack for the air discharge, and the pugmill for the discharge soil. Connect the fuel lines that use either propane, natural gas, or #2 diesel fuel. Connect electrical power through cables on the main trailer hooked up to the control house which is supplied from the main grid power supply, or genset.

Operations Training

Operations for the KM-4 will require an operator, loader and helper for each shift. Training is available for current employees, with additional follow up training for the one year warranty duration, to ensure successful remediation. The training schedule and the length of training will consist of 2 weeks located at the remediation site. Our training instructors look forward to meeting your staff while providing confidence in operations to each of the positions held by your selected employees.

Maintenance Training

Along with maintenance training for your staff, a maintenance schedule will accompany the KM-4 consisting of detailed machine checks and servicing details. Proper procedures and documented scheduled maintenance checks will be required to fulfill Enviro-Klean’s warranty agreement.

Remote Monitoring

Enviro-Klean's KM-4 comes equipped with an on board monitoring system set up to deliver daily, weekly, or monthly reports to the owner, operator, and Enviro-Klean staff to help ensure proper operating procedures. Through the analyzing of reports and data gathered from the KM-4's operating history, remote monitoring can provide maximum throughput as well as documentation to satisfy environmental and governmental requirements.

Technical Support

During the one year warranty duration, Enviro-Klean will provide technical support with its global toll free number which will be made available to your company at no extra cost to keep your operations running smoothly. Technical Support is offered in areas such as mechanical troubleshooting, throughput management, and computer parameters.

Additional Service Packages Available Upon Request