The Enviro-Klean thermal desorber is effective for removing hydrocarbon contamination from the soil. Hydrocarbons volatilize when heated to their boiling point and subsequently convert to water vapor and carbon dioxide in a thermal oxidizer. The net result is reusable clean soil.





Loader and Conveyor
Soil is loaded into the feed system dump hopper and screened to < 5cm (2 inches) by a rotating trommel screen. It is weighed and transported by belt conveyor to the in-feed hopper on top the machine. Then it's conveyed through the preheater and deposited into the KM-4's patented material processor.

Soil Through Burner
Material is quickly heated to control temperatures in the Enviro-Klean KM-4 processor. The patented cascading system allows the soil to fall like a waterfall through several heated chambers. Heat is supplied using a fuel or gas burner at the bottom of the processor. then travels upward through the soil curtains in the heat chambers, vaporizing the contaminants.

Thermal Oxidizer
An induction fan pulls the vapors from the top of the processor through a dust recycling system to remove particulate, and into the thermal oxidizer. Here, a secondary burner destroys the contaminants by heating them to over 1600°F (900°C).

Filtration System and Exhaust Stack
The clean gasses are then cooled in an air-to-air heat exchanger and pass through a filtration system where the balance of the airborne particulate is removed prior to the clean air passing through an exhaust stack to atmosphere. Continuous or spot air emission monitoring can be done at the stack to show the emissions meet all regulations.

Soils Discharge System
The soil, meanwhile, continues downward through the processor and exits the machine through a pugmill with a soil rehydration/cooling system and then onto a discharge conveyor to be stacked or piled for use as backfill or other purposes. The discharge temperature of the soil determines the level of cleaning achieved, hence the KM-4 operation speed is tuned by adjusting the soil discharge temperature.

Major Components
•Feed system, including dump hopper, trommel, weigh belt, feed conveyor
•Feed hopper with laser-controlled material seal
•Preheater for incoming soil
•Four chamber primary treatment unit
•Pugmill for soil cooling and rehydration
•Multi-clone for fines removal
•Thermal oxidizer for up to 2-second residence time
•Air-to-air, 2-pass heat exchanger
•High temperature baghouse with pleated elements
•I.D. fan
•Air compressor
•Sound-attenuated genset
•Gas/fuel burners
•Automatic and/or Manual Control System
•Variable frequency drive motors
•Various heat, temperature and pressure sensors